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Pre-Domestic Partnership

Create Domestic Partnership Agreement

Immediately after registering Domestic Partnership

Create/revise Wills and Trusts
File new IRS w-4 form with employer to adjust withholding allowances
Review, and modify if desired, account holder or beneficiary of:
     * Checking and Savings Bank Accounts
     * Annuity, Pension and other retirement and investment accounts
Review Insurance policies and contact providers to consolidate and/or modify:
     * Coverage
     * Beneficiaries to include domestic partner

While Pregnant or Adopting

Name Guardian should parents die or become incapacitated prior to child reaching adulthood
Reconsider how title to assets, including bank accounts and other investments, are held
Revise Wills and Trusts

Before Child reaches 2 years of age

Obtain Social Security Card for child


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