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Do you want to protect your wealth and minimize your tax liability?
Do you have dependents and/or are there organizations you wish to support now or in the future?

Estate Planning, Trust and Probate law deals with protecting and planning for disposition of a client’s assets according to the client’s expressed desires as well as provisioning for the personal needs of individuals should they later become unable to handle their own affairs by reason of age, illness or other incapacity. Often a single document may not be sufficient to comprise an entire plan. Multiple documents for a client, or for a husband and wife together, comprise a single plan.
ACW not only prepares documents, but also advises client on methods to protect assets, including the tax and potential family relationship consequences of the client’s acts and desires. ACW also completes transfers, by administration or otherwise, of a decedent’s assets upon death, including trust terminations, terminations of joint tenancy, and summary probate procedures, including spousal property petitions.

Estate Planning & Trust services

  • Wills - draft simple to complex instructions to carry out client desires upon death
  • Trusts - form from simple to complex entities to protect assets and reduce tax liability
  • Gifts
  • Beneficiary Clauses and Disclaimers
  • Documents of Title and Property Agreements
  • Advanced Health Care Directives
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Powers of Appointment
  • Public Benefit Plans
  • Estate Administration, including management and transfer of assets; tax reporting, audits and payments; and other necessary court or non-court procedures
  • Representation in Will Contests and other asset ownership disputes,
  • Representation in Trust disputes such as objections to accountings, fiduciary appointment/removal and creditors’ claims

Probate Law services

  • Probate matters
  • Trust Litigation

ACW Estate, Trust and Probate Law Expertise

ACW Partner Leonard Alexander has more than 40 years experience counseling clients on Estate, Trust and Probate Law matters, including preparing documents; negotiating, mediating and litigating disputes; as well as having served more than 13 years as California Probate Referee for Ventura County.

Our goal is to educate our clients on Estate Planning options and to create an Estate Plan which will provide maximum tax benefits, reduce court involvement and implement our clients wishes and desires with respect to their assets.


Leonard Alexander, JD, CFLS

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